Credit: S5 Elite Bomber via Facebook

S5 Elite Bombers active on the international stage

With a DEF WIN against Grinta eSport, the S5 Elite Bombers team were able to qualify for the quarterfinals of "The iFVPA Europa League" without any effort. In the quarterfinals, now the French gamers from Grinta eSport are waiting for the S5 Elite Bomber. The quarterfinals of the tournament are played in a first and second leg.


The first match was an open match with many chances on both sides. In the end, Electium ES won the game 4-3. The S5 Elite Bombers' lack of composure in front of goal prevented more German gamers' goals. Electium, on the other hand, proved ice-cold in front of the goal, scoring from almost every chance they had. For the S5 Elite Bombers, EB_Domi_11x was already successful in the 4th minute. In the 51st minute, FaithPappy scored for the Germans. In the 81-minute, EB_Domi11x crowned his excellent performance and scored his second goal of the day. Thanks to his outstanding performance, EB_Domi11x earned the title of Best Player of the Match. FaithPappy was also convincing on the side of the S5 EliteBombers. One goal and two assists were recorded for the gamer.


So with a 3-4 deficit, the S5 Elite Bombers went into the second leg. But like in the first game, the S5 Elite Bombers had no luck in the offensive, and at the defence, every shot of the opponent was a goal. As a result, Electium ES could extend their lead from the first leg already by half-time. 0-1 was the score at the break from the S5 Elite Bombers' point of view. After the break, things got even worse for the S5 Elite Bomber team. Three more goals sealed their elimination from The iFVPA Europa League. The S5 Elite Bombers were eliminated from the tournament with an apparent 0-4 defeat, despite an appealing performance.


For the S5 Elite Bombers team, it is now a matter of learning from their mistakes. The team's focus is now entirely on the national competitions.


Watch both games in Re-Live here.