Credit: EA Sport

Ruud Gullit ICON is the weakest card in Neymar's FUT team

Again and again the FUT teams of real football stars come to the public. So now also that of superstar Neymar. The Brazilian in the jersey of PSG goes on the virtual turf with a real top team at the start! We show it to you!




Lev Yashin

No Neymar doesn't trust Nick Pope like most gamers do! The superstar sends Lev Yashin to the goal of his virtual team. The Russian goalkeeper is one of the best in the whole FIFA game. Only the TOTY card of Manuel Neuer is better! In the area of pike, reflexes and positional play he is even better than TOTY Neuer!


Left defender


Roberto Carlos

Neymar entrusts the left side of defence to his compatriot Roberto Carlos. With a pace of 92 and his defensive strength certainly not a mistake!




Paolo Maldini

95 points in the defensive rating! It hardly gets any better than that. In addition, the Italian convinces with his speed!


Virgil van Dijk

One of the few active football stars in Neymar's team is the defender of Jürgen Klopp's team, FC Liverpool! Of course, Neymar relies on the TOTY edition of the Dutchman.




Carlos Alberto

Just like on the left, Neymar also trusts a Brazilian named Carlos on the right. Strong physicality and defensive values are the hallmarks of Carlos Alberto. He has slight weaknesses when it comes to pace.


Central midfield


Ruud Gullit

The ICON card of Ruud Gullit should not be missing in any team of a top player. Of course, not even in that of the PSG superstar! It says a lot about Neymar's team that the card is the weakest in his team with an OVR of 90.


Left wing



Of course, the superstar trusts himself on the left wing! With his Players Card he can rely on a card with an OVR of 99.


Central attacking midfield



The former FC Barcelona superstar is responsible for the creative moments in Neymar's game! Thanks to his 5 stars in special movement and high dribbling values, the card is perfectly prepared for this!



Of course, Brazilian legend Pele can't be missing from Neymar's team! Almost perfect values in the offensive let Pele become a real danger for the opponent's defense.


Right wing


Lionel Messi

They can no longer play on the real pitch after Neymar's move to PSG. But on the virtual one. Here, too, Neymar relies on the TOTY card. Messi can boast a whopping 98 total points on this one.





Neymar also occupies the attacking centre with a true legend of Brazilian football. None other than Ronaldo is expected to provide the goals in Neymar's game. A 93 rating in pace, shooting and dribbling are the best prerequisites for this.