Credit: SG Graben-Neudorf

REWE eSports Cup as replacement tournament of the SG Graben-Neudorf under 14s cup

Usually, the Graf Hardenberg Cup in Graben-Neudorf is set as the starting signal for a new year in youth football in Germany. But because of the ongoing Corona pandemic, everything is a bit different this year. The tournament of the under 14 teams can not take place, as usual, this year. However, the teams don't want to miss out on a tournament despite Corona switching to a virtual pitch.


Within the REWE eSport Cup, the Graf Hardenberg Cup participants will determine the winner of the tournament this year in a FIFA 21 tournament. Even though the organisers had hope until November to hold the tournament in real life without fans but with a strict hygiene concept. But the strict lockdown in Germany makes a realisation of the tournament in the usual form not possible.


To be able to compete against each other, the tournament will be moved to the virtual pitch. Most of the young players are very happy about the alternative tournament form. The organisers of the REWE eSports Cup want to increase the team spirit of the youngsters. Even though the tournament is being held this year as a substitute for a real football tournament, this is to be maintained regularly in the future.

International participants

On January 10, the under 14 teams of quite prominent clubs carry out the tournament. From Germany, 10 teams will be represented: With the teams of RB Leipzig, TSG Hoffenheim, Eintracht Frankfurt, FC Augsburg, VfB Stuttgart and Arminia Bielefeld, six teams from the 1st Bundesliga are represented in the tournament. With the under 14 side of 1. FC Nuremberg, Karlsruher SC and Eintracht Braunschweig, three teams from the second German Bundesliga, are going on a virtual title hunt. SV Waldhof Mannheim is the only club from the 3rd league in the tournament. The teams from the three best German leagues, the U14 teams from FC Brugge, FC Basel, Grasshopper Zürich, FC Red Bull Salzburg and AKA St.Pölten, will also be taking part in the REWE eSports Cup. SG Graben-Neudorf completes the field of participants. As hosts, the SG Graben-Neudorf's young kickers will, of course, not be missing from the tournament.


This is how the U14 of FC Bayern München performed at the tournament in Graben-Neudorf.