Credit: FC Nürnberg

Prominent reinforcement for the VBL team of 1. FC Nuremberg

FIFA is a popular hobby among professional footballers. Even though most of the pros have much more success on the real turf than on the virtual one, some can also compete with the best on the console.


Last weekend Diogo Jota was the first to attract attention with 30 wins in the Weekend League. Sascha Mockenhaupt, professional footballer and eSportsman at Wehen Wiesbaden, also recently achieved a perfect Weekend League.


Like Sascha Mockenhaupt, Tom Kraus will also be playing for his club's eSports team in the future. The 19-year-old midfielder is currently under contract with 1. FC Nürnberg. In the future, the young professional footballer will represent his club on the real pitch in the 2nd Bundesliga and on the virtual one in the Virtual Bundesliga.


Tom Krauß has already proven that he can keep up with the best at the controller. He could win the second Eligella Cup. Also, in the Weekend League, Krauß could already celebrate noteworthy successes. In November, he could finish the FUT League on place 30 of the world ranking list.


Timo Weber, the eSports project manager of 1. FC Nürnberg welcomes the prominent new addition to the club's eSports squad and asserts that he is convinced of the professional footballer's achievements at the controller and not a marketing measure. Instead, Weber hopes that Tom Krauß can help the club qualify for a Virtual Bundesliga playoff spot. Currently, the FCN is in 10th place in the south-east division of the VBL, 7 points behind a play-off place. However, the gamers of the club have one game less than all direct competitors.