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Our whole team is the star.

During the FIFA Pro Clubs EU Masters, we were able to get some answers to our questions from Benjamin Daube from Rot Weiss Ahlen eSports. Benni is one of the absolute e-sports advocates and hopes, just like us, that the Pro Clubs game mode will gain much more recognition (in the future). With the e-sports team of the traditional club from Ahlen, he looks after a relatively new team in the FIFA community - with success. Read for yourself!


Dear Benjamin, you are the club manager of Rot Weiss Ahlen eSports. Can you briefly introduce your team?


Hello, with pleasure! Together with my colleagues, Mr. Marcel Gruschka and Jörn Fligg, I manage the RWA eSports team. Since September 2020 we are an integral part of Rot Weiss Ahlen e.V. We represent the traditional football club in various online tournaments and leagues. Our current squad consists of 25 players.

In which leagues are you represented?


With Rot Weiss Ahlen eSports we currently play in the first division of the NGL Premiership (Red Division) as well as the VPL Germany (former ITFA Online League).

How satisfied are you with the current season?


The bottom line is that we are very happy with our performance. We kept the class in the NGL Premiership (prematurely!) and thus secured our participation in the championship playoffs.
In the VPL Germany we are currently "only" seventh in the table. Even here we could be satisfied with the current results, if we had avoided one or the other defeat. But that's the football business, you can't win every match.

What are the strengths of your team?


We appear with RWA eSports as a united team! That means that our entire team is the "star". We bring a high level of passion to the field and fight with and especially for each other. For us, a healthy team spirit is of enormous importance and therefore we are also characterized by a high degree of mentality.

In many countries the Pro Clubs mode is still underrepresented. You come from Germany. How do you see the situation around the Pro Clubs mode in your country?


As long as we ask ourselves in Germany whether e-sports is a recognized sport, we will continue to tread water in the future. There needs to be a lot more media support for e-sports and its supporters. I see here clearly the organization of the E-Sport Bund, short ESBD in the duty. The ladies and gentlemen "fight" for the sporting recognition. However, other nations and countries are far ahead of us here.
So we have to use the leverage in the educational work. News, reports, coverages, interviews, maybe even live streams. The offer here needs to be a bit more open, if not more diverse, because generally speaking - we have a wide range of competitions. Our community is active and above all "willing".

A lot of FIFA players are betting on the FUT mode. The Pro Clubs mode is not so well known yet. How did you find out about the Pro Clubs mode?


The core of our team, at that time under the banner of "The Ginyu Force" is based on the principle: "11 friends you must be". Among several 1vs1 FIFA players, the basic idea of an online team came up. They wanted to share the fun of the game with each other. That's how our first "11 squad" was formed.

What fascinates you about this mode?


For us, it's the team spirit that counts. We have fun together and experience ups and downs. We can let off steam (virtually) and above all share the same passion.

Do you have any ideas how the Pro Clubs mode can get more recognition?


As mentioned before, a "media push" would be advisable. I myself spend a lot of time on the kicker website every day. There is an e-sports section there, but you very rarely read anything about the Pro Clubs competitions here. But I don't want to pillory the kicker at this point. There are certainly other online providers (and print media).
For my taste, however, the coverage postings about teams/clubs and responsible persons are missing. Over time, you get to know your opponents in the online competition, but you very rarely find out who is behind them.

In addition, there is usually only the "brief information" on the 1vs1 FUT duels on TV or streaming. Here one could nevertheless also about official German championships or sonst. Pro Club Events report. If the competitions are not interesting enough for the media, you can also get together and create a "Main-Event". There are enough teams for this in our community.

With this we thank you and wish you a lot of success for the future!
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