Credit: B360 Sports Agency

NoHandGaming sings for B360 eSports

A new signing of a particular kind for B360. Not a highly talented FIFA gamer is about to cooperate with B360 eSports but a very well-known content creator. Ben Paul, better known as NoHandGaming, will support the B360 team in his unique way.


Even though the newcomer is unlikely to be successful in eSports, NoHandGaming is an essential new addition to B360 eSports. Even though the agency has already signed two well-known gamers, Kai 'Hensoo' Hense and Philipp 'Eisvogel' Schermer, the large fan base is still missing. One of Ben Paul's main tasks will be to help the eSports division of B360 eSports, founded in 2019, to more popularity in the scene.


With more than 500.000 subscribers on YouTube, NoHandGaming is one of the most famous FIFA YouTubers in Germany. B360 is hoping to benefit from his large fan base and his eSports business experience, which he gained during his time at Hertha BSC Berlin.