Credit: RB Leipzig

No longer live on Twitch but still successful: Anders keeps winning!

Anders Vejrgang is the top player in FIFA 21, even if he recently had to accept his first defeat after 536 wins in the Weekend League. Through his strong performances in the Weekend League and some show matches against the big players like MegaBit or MoAuba, the teenager has made a name for himself in the eSports scene. Over 500 games, he was undefeated in the Weekend League. With that, he holds the record in the FIFA Weekend League by far!



Great attention for the RB talent

All this attracted a huge amount of attention! At times around 80,000 fans followed Anders Weekend League matches live on Twitch. An enormous public pressure for the young gamer from RB Leipzig. Especially because apparently, large parts of the community could not wait to see Anders lose for the first time. Criticism that especially the eSport department of RB Leipzig strongly criticised.


Since the defeat, Anders games are no longer live on Twitch. The last two weekends, the RB Gamer has completed the Weekend Leauge out of the spotlight. Reasons for this are not publicly known. However, Anders doesn't seem to be missing his viewers' attention, as he was able to complete each of the last two weekends undefeated again. The young Dane does not seem to be put off by the defeat and is already chasing his record. Even if he is still far away from that, this could be the beginning of a new record! We are curious how the development of Anders Vejrgang in the Weekend League of FIFA 21 will continue.