NGL FIFA 21 Open #6 Winner decieded

PlayStation 4 (PS4)- online friendly matches

 Efe 'Yaronaldo' Yar played on the PS4 against a total of 96 competitors. In the final game he defeated Moritz 'MH_237' Heidenreich with 2:1. In the first round, he lost the game, but 'Yaronaldo' made a comeback, he won the next two games 4-1 and 3-2. However, the final opponent 'MH_237' took over the winter season's lead, ranking with 2,370 points from the previous week's winner Emre 'Emre29Gs_' Güven, while Yar took fifth place.


Xbox One - online friendly games

On Xbox One, 'linowa33' secured the fifth title of the NGL Open: He made it to the final with a 6-0 win and three 2-1 wins. 'linowa33' competed in the best-of-3 against 'Trent66LFC', but he didn't need three games. The decision was made fast after two-game with 3-0 each. In the semifinals, 'linowa33' had a more challenging time against 'Pupo MD' (2: 1). The winter season's ranking leads ´Lödel´ anyway, 'Trent66LFC' and 'linowa33' follow on the second and the third place.


PlayStation 4 - FUT

The FUT competition on the PlayStation recorded the highest number of participants among the NGL FIFA Open, with 184 players competing for victory and valuable ranking points on Wednesday (November 18th). Justin 'Team Aubame' Dröge won his first three games with a score of 20-0 goals, and he kept his dominance afterwards. In the final, he put 'Papu_Leo10' down in the final score with 0:2 after 3: 2 and 3: 0 victories, but he was not yet able to conquer the winter season ranking. 'Team Aubame' is eighth after his win, Ajdin 'eyedin98' Islamovic leads the table.



Xbox One - FUT

Fifty-eight participants wanted to win the triumph on the Xbox at the same time. Marcel 'Juno16 x' Holy started the competition with a 7-0 win against 'Schneidig04', and no one could never stop winning. Semi-final opponent 'sanchezisgoat' (4: 3) could not prevent him from joining into the final, and in the last, 'leo7morais' was also not equal to 'Juno16 x'. Holy beat his opponent in the final with a total of 2: 0 (4: 0, 3: 1). But it wasn't enough to jump to the top of the ranking in this discipline: Filip 'FIFAFICO' Babic still holds first place, 'Juno16 x' moved up to the third place.