Credit: EA Sports

New Goal celebrations in FIFA 21: That's how you can use them

Like every year, EA tries to give FIFA Gamers a more natural gaming experience within the new FIFA Game. This also includes the many Goal celebration choreographies of the virtual football professionals in the game. Like usually, for FIFA 21, EA has been inspired by real football professionals and integrated 14 new cheers into the game. We show you which ones they are and how you can use them. Some cheers are exclusively reserved for the inventors. The A cheer can only be performed with Dele Alli. Kylan Mbappe's Cry Baby Celebration can only be used to celebrate goals the PSG Star goals. The famous yoga cheer by Erling Haaland is also exclusively reserved for the BVB Star. Goals from Tottenham Star Steven Bergwijn, on the other hand, can be celebrated with the Finger Twist cheer.

A (Exclusive for Delli Alli)

If you score with Delli Alli, you can celebrate the goal with the A celebration. Do use this celebration, press the A and the /X button. 

Binoclaurus (exclusive for Ashley Barnes)

Are you playing FC Burnley in FIFA 21? Then it would help if you turned special attention to Ashley Barnes. He is one of the players with an exclusive celebration in FIFA 21. If you score with him and press the A and the X button Barnes will celebrate the goal with he Binoclaurus celebration. 

Cry Baby (Exclusive for Kylian Mbappé)

Of course, also the Cover Boy has his own celebration. Kylian Mbappe celebrates his goals with the Cry Baby celebration in FIFA 21. After scoring with the PSG Star, you should run to the camera, then he will show up his exclusive celebration. 

Peace (Exclusive for Erling Haaland)

Erling Halland brought worldwide attention to yoga after its celebration when scoring in the Champions League against PSG. Also, EA Sports liked the celebration and integrated it into the new FIFA Game. Hold RB/R1 and double click on X + square after scoring with the Borussia Dortmund youngster, and he will celebrate his goal with this famous celebration. 


Would you like your player to take a selfie after scoring? No problem in FIFA 21. Just run to the advertising board towards the ground, and your team will celebrate the goal with a selfie together with the fans.  


To show the Disbelief celebration, you need to hold RT/R2 + pull the right stick down.

Knee Slide Spin

You want your goal scorer to celebrate sliding on his knees? Just hold LB/L1 and pull the direction keys in the following order:

  1. up
  2. right
  3. down
  4. left 

Royal Wave

Like it the posh way? Pres B + Circle, a little bit of royal dignity comes into your celebration by the Royal Wave. 


Finger Twist

Also, supporters of Tottenham Hotspurs can be happy. Exclusive for the Spurs, Star Steven Bergwijn EA implemented the Finger Twist Celebration into FIFA 21. After scoring with Steven Bergwijn, press A and X, and he will show the Finger Twist. 

Dance and Spin

FIFA fans waited for this celebration for a long time, now it is back in the game. The Dance and Spin celebration. To make your players dance, hold RT/R2 and move the right stick twice to the right. 

Hop and Point

It looks like EA also got some inspiration form TikTok for the new FIFA 21 celebrations. If you would like your players to perform a little TikTok dance after scoring, hold RT/R2 and move the right stick down twice. 

Surf and Flex

You into surfing? Then now, you can celebrate goals in FIFA with the famous surfing and flex move. Just hold LT/L2  and move the right stick once down and right after once up. 


Inspired by PSG, Star Kylian Mbappé EA took the Relax move into the new celebration in FIFA 21. 

Hold RT/R2 and hold the right stick to the left, then your player will show a relaxed move after scoring. 

Camera Swipe

Want your scoring players to face on the big screen? No problem. Just run with him to the nearest camera you can find after netting the ball into the goal.