Credit: FC Nürnberg

New Gamers in the FC Nürnberg VBL Squad

1 FC Nürnberg is ready for its third season in the Virtual Bundesliga. Since the first season Daniel "Bubu" Butenko is part of the team. However, his team colleagues are new this season. With Nico Köhler, Yannick Grum and Antonio Radelja, there are three newcomers to the Franconian squad.



Focus on regonality

The club would like to focus more on regional talents. Yannick Grum and Nico Köhler are both regional talents who have been in the FCN's sights for a long time. Both players have been closely associated with their new club since childhood. With Antoni Radelja, another talent joins the eSport squad of the club. Especially his experience in the VBL convinced the responsible persons of the 1.FC Nürnberg.


Same Club - Diffrend Game

The 21-year-old Yannick Grum is no stranger at the Valznerweiher. Before he was active for the club at the controller, he was involved in the youth team of FC Nürnberg until the U 17. He was able to score three goals in 24 games and to give an assist. Currently, he is completing his training as an industrial clerk parallel to his eSport. He can also already look back on his first tournament experience in eSport. 

New expirence VBL

Nico Köhler could draw attention to himself, especially in 2013 in the ESL with the win in 2on2 Europe-wide. Currently, the 24-year-old works as a computer scientist. 

From Frankfurt to Nürnberg

Antonio Radelja is with 19 years the youngest player in the squad. He comes from Frankfurt and still goes to school. The young gamer was able to reach fourth place in the kicker-eSports-Cup in the FIFA-20 season. Radelja has also been able to convince with good performances in the last two VBL seasons.