New event: FIFA Face-Off especially for the fans

In the shadow of the FIFA Global Series, EA is trying to establish a new tournament format. The Face-Off Event. In contrast to the Global Series, where the best FIFA players in the world prove their skills against each other, the new event serves the fans.

When competing in the tournament for the fans, rewards await the participants. Besides the participation in a unique experience, there are also rewards in the FUT mode or large sums of money to win. Four community members will play an important role in the event. In addition, there will be a FIFA professional and a celebrity. These top-class players in the tournament have the possibility to win up to 25.000 Euro.
Not like in other events, the winner will not only be played in normal matches, but also in skill challenges.

"We believe that bringing in celebrities and hosting unique world-class events with entertaining competitive gaming is a key factor in growing our fan base," Competitive Gaming Commissioner Brent Koning elaborated on the background of the event. The first edition of the event was held last Friday, March 19. There, an average of 14,400 people watched the action on Twitch. When you compare that number to the average viewers of the FIFA Global Series, there's a clear upside to the face-off event. The tournament of the 'crème a la crème' of the European FIFA scene had an average of just under 4,000 viewers.

Celebrities of the scene should provide the hype

Last Friday, FIFA pros Donovan 'Tekkz' Hunt and Olle 'Ollelito' Arbin were on hand, as were music stars Becky G and Nicky Jam. The second event, on 26 March, will feature experts Jaime 'Gravesen' Alvarez and Lisa 'NFG_Lisa' Manley. Special guests include "Ted Lasso" lead actor Jason Sudeikis with co-trainer Brendan Hunt and comedian and host Trevor Noah.