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Michél from Rot Weiß Erfurt: If one or two people in the ProClub don't go along with it, the whole construct wobbles.

Hi Michél, you are the club manager of the Pro Clubs team of FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt Esports. Can you briefly introduce yourself and your team?


Hi guys and thanks for the invitation to the interview. Indirectly I am not a club manager anymore, because in the future I will accompany the task of the "Department Manager E-Sports" at FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt.


But I will have a great "VM-Team" in the future, which will take care of the Pro Club Team.


Now let's get to the team: FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt decided in October 2019 that the team may use the logo and the name of the club and that the club may be represented in the Pro Club scene.


Unfortunately, the insolvency and the almost deletion of the club came in between to take other paths in e-sports.


After a new board of directors came to the top of the club, I was contacted by them that they want to give the subject further confidence and now we can proudly say that we may soon welcome an e-sports department in the club.


What excites you at Rot Weiß Erfurt about the Pro Clubs mode?


Probably what excites every Pro Club player. Because this mode is the closest to real football on the pitch. You play just like the pros on the field in 11 vs. 11 and have to "rehearse" certain things to be successful on the virtual pitch. If one or two people don't play along, the whole construct is shaky.


Sure, a lot of people say that you're just "daddling" on the console, but those people should try this mode first and then judge if it's still just playing.


What are your sporting goals with your Pro Clubs team on the virtual pitch?


We will have a big change in the team next season and turn everything upside down by 180 degrees, after this season everything could go wrong.


Then we hope to stand up to every opponent in all leagues and show the people in the Com that FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt is no opponent from next door.


Pro Clubs lives above all from the team feeling. Just like in a football team in a real game, the atmosphere in the team is also important. Do you also pursue goals with your Pro Clubs team where the controller is not an issue?


In the meantime, our team is spread all over Germany and many local Pro Club players from Thuringia have the ambition to play "higher class", which is a pity. After all, Erfurt is the capital of Thuringia and with the guys from the "neighbouring city" (Jena), even the virtual derbies are now possible. Especially in the regional area of players, we hope for more growth in the future and are open to anyone who would like to participate in the development of a "local" team.


The Pro Clubs mode is still in the shadow of the FUT mode. What do you think has to happen to give the Pro Clubs more recognition?


Preferably what every player has been saying for years. I'd rather pay money to EA for this mode, but the main thing is to give it more recognition and make it stable.


It is the mode that comes closest to real football. More and more official clubs dedicate themselves to this mode.


If you can now tame some people from the community and make it clear to them how to behave, the mode may come out of the shadow of the FUT mode, which only takes the money out of people's pockets.


Currently, you are still looking for new players. How can Pro Clubs fans become part of your team?


The best way is to contact our social media pages on Facebook, Insta and Twitter and then we will see that we give everyone a chance if the league match days make it possible.


You can find us on all 3 pages as FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt eSports.


What qualities should potential newcomers bring with them?


In any case, they should have football expertise and preferably already have experience in the mode. If they are loyal and don't run away at the first 3 defeats, as well as being able to take criticism and willing to learn, exactly these characters are welcome here.


Who declares us ready to put a "local" team on the legs, which may also contact us at any time, taking into account the previous information.


In which leagues do you want to compete in the future?


We play in the NGL Premiership, which consists exclusively of official clubs, in league 1. In the ProLeague we play in league 3, as well as in the VPG DE in league 3. Since recently we are in the new season in the VPG EU again internationally on the road. Here we could join the Prem North League. Exciting opponents await us there in the future.


With Quaresma Club, you have landed a transfer coup. What do you expect from the cooperation?


For us, every transfer is a transfer coup (laughs).


Mervan is a great person with his heart in the right place. But on the virtual pitch, he demands a lot of tactical implementations, which we can only profit from in the future. He's also made a name for himself in his 3 years in Pro Club mode, which is why we're hoping for an upswing and who knows, maybe we'll be able to land another transfer coup or two.


I can tell you that much already: He will not be the first and last transfer!


A special part of the Pro Club is that men and women can play football together in one team. How does that look like with you, do you have women in the team?


Since today is world women's day, I say "unfortunately no". Thanks to all the women and especially thanks to my wonderful wife, who makes it possible for me to spend so much time in this mode, despite working and having two kids.


Of course, we are also open to the whole thing. After all, this is exactly what e-sports is best for. Connecting all people.


In Pro Clubs, you can only succeed together as a team. Therefore, training with the team is an important part of the Pro Clubs scene. Can you give us a brief insight into your daily training routine?


I can only emphasize it, again and again, this mode is so close to the real mode and then also in 11 vs. 11. Therefore, we train all tactics, moves, standard situations, as well as solving situations in tight spaces just like the pros on the pitch. The only advantage of e-sports is that you don't have sore muscles the next day (laughs).


But in any case, you should not ignore the hand-eye-coordination and the strain on the brain. A lot of FIFA players have or play football themselves and try to use what they learned there on the virtual pitch.


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