Credit: S5 Elite Bomber

Lucky victory for the S5 Elite Bombers over Magnolia CF

On the evening of Tuesday the 7th of December, the S5 Elite Bombers met the Magnolia CF during the VPG Germany. In a balanced game, the S5 Elite Bombers could force the victory with a little luck.


An early goal by WhyAllwaysFight initiated the victory for the S5 Elite Bombers. After a long ball from goalkeeper TimR_MDz, marvin86_X2 reaches the ball. The S5 Elite Bomber gamer passes the ball cleverly to EB_Domi11x. This gives EB_Domi11x the possibility to run alone towards the goal. With a good overview, he passes the ball on to WhyAllwaysFight, who scores without any problems.


In the final minutes of the game, Magnoli CF throws everything forward. Of course, this is what the S5 Elite Bombers offers more space in the offensive areas, which can be used in the 86th minute of the game. This time it is WhyAllwaysFight who assist for EB_Domi_11x. EB_Domi_11x shows no nerves and achieves the 2-0.


With a goal and an assist, WhyAllwaysFigth was the outstanding gamer on the virtual pitch this evening and is deservedly elected MVP of the game.