Lefti won the europe qualifier for Xbox

The Europe qualifier 1 of the FIFA21 Global series occurred this weekend. Twelve players ( 6 players on each platform) were registered to get the FIFA 21 Global series ticket next year.

"KKoray" from Team Vertex and "Lefti" from Borussia eSports got a high seed, therefore confronted at the semi-final, and the semi-final was a callous game. The first game drew one-all, but "KKoray"  won with 2:1 in the second round and got to the final first.

This tournament proceed with the way "double elimination; therefore, "Lefti" had one more chance to go to the final for the revenge. He played against  The winner at the Lower Bracket "NRaseck" from Guild Esports to get the final ticket. The first game was drawn with one, but "Lefti" got the game quickly with 7:1.

The semi-final match again

At the Final, "KKoray" and "Lefti" were faced again. "Lefti" had a lead at the first round of the final. In the first game, he defeated with 1:2, but he turned the table at 3:1, so he won the first round 4:3 in aggeration. 

In the second round, "Lefti" got the first game easier than we expected. "KKoray" was very upset about his bad luck, but the anger could not affect the result of the first match. At the second match, "KKoray" had led with an early goal, despite the early lead, "Lefti" scored three in a row afterwards. Finally, "KKoray" scored two more goals but were not enough to overcome the final result.