Credit: EA Sport

LB with an OVR of 88! How to get Daley Sinkgraven into your FUT team for free!

You play in FIFA Ultimate Team with a Bundesliga team? Then you might have problems on one position. The left defender! Sure, there's Alphonso Davies from FC Bayern München. But his card is not exactly the cheapest. But now there is a solution for your problem. And it's free, too. Daley Sinkgraven from Bayer Leverkusen will join your team for free - if you successfully complete a few challenges. You have until 12 February 2021 to do so.


But first of all to the card of Daley Sinkgraven. This one is quite respectable. The Dutchman has a score of 91 in speed, but also 88 points in dribbling and 82 in defense are above average. If you use the Anchor Chemistry style, you can even increase his defensive and physical stats. This gives the defender an OVR of 88.


A very strong value. Especially when you consider that you don't have to spend any coins for the card. To get the card, all you have to do is complete four tasks in the Manager's Masterpiece friendly mode. As you tackle the tasks, you can only use teams that have a total strength of 77 or less. Additionally, the team must be from the Bundesliga.


These are the tasks:


  • 15 wins, only Bundesliga players are allowed in the starting eleven.
  • 30 goals with Bundesliga players; play in Manager-Meisterstück mode
  • 20 assists with Bundesliga players; play in Manager-Meisterstück mode
  • 4 assists on crosses with Bundesliga players; play in Manager Meisterstück mode. The goals must be prepared by a cross and in 4 different games.