Credit: EA Sport

Klopp star mixes up the Weekend League

Even if things are not going so well for Liverpool FC on the real pitch, one Reds player can still be happy! Diogo Jota showed all his skills on the virtual pitch last weekend and managed to break into the top 10 of the Weekend League.


That the Weekend League is also popular with professional footballers is no longer a secret. But most of the professional footballers can't play themselves into the focus with their skills at the controller. Diogo Jota is a different case. The Liverpool FC player finished this past Weekend League in 10th place in the PS4 World Rankings.


Diogo Jota approaches the Weekend League with a top FUT eleven. However, apart from his own 99 Pro Player card, no other Liverpool teammate is part of his squad. In central defence, the Portuguese relies on RTTF-Raphael Varane and TOTW-Kyle Walker. The preferred line-up of most FUT professionals.


Diogo Jota also brings the crème de la crème of FUT mode to the virtual pitch in midfield. With the icons of Patrick Viera and Ruud Gullit, he relies on the currently strongest duo in the game. Ronaldo, Kylian Mbape and Eusebio are the main goal scorers in the Reds star's team.