Credit: Jochen Schweizer esports

Jochen Schweizer eFootball Cup

In cooperation with and the GAMERS ACADEMY, the experience company Jochen Schweizer is hosting its first eFootball Cup. Hisense, one of the largest electronics companies, is also taking part.



In March and April, you have the chance to qualify for the final of the Jochen Schweizer eFootball Cup. Besides participating in the final, which will be held in the Jochen Schweizer Arena in Munich, you can also win top-class prizes from the partner Hisense.
With the Cup, the Chinese electronics group is expanding its sporting sponsorship commitment. Hisense is also an official partner of UEFA EURO 2020 and the eSports organisation Fnatic.


The Jochen Schweizer Cup will take place on PlayStation 4 and played in one vs one mode. The tournament will be played in 90-player mode, which means that it will not be played in the infamous 90-player mode. Thus, there is not the infamous "pay to win" scenario.
To participate in the main tournament, you will have to beat your fellow players in the online qualification. Starting next week, there will be six tournaments and six duels in March and April, from which the best 28 will qualify for the finals.



  • Tuesday, 09.03.2021: Tournament #1
  • Thursday, 11.03.2021: Duel #1
  • Tuesday, 03/16/2021: Tournament #2
  • Thursday, 03/18/2021: Duel #2
  • Tuesday, 03/23/2021: Tournament #3
  • Thursday, 03/25/2021: Duel #3
  • Tuesday, 03/30/2021: Tournament #4
  • Thursday, 01.04.2021: Duel #4
  • Thursday, 08.04.2021: Duel #5
  • Tuesday, 04/13/2021: Tournament #5
  • Thursday, 04/15/2021: Duel #6
  • Tuesday, 20.04.2021: Tournament #6
  • Saturday, 29.05.2021: Live Final in the Jochen Schweizer Arena (subject to Covid-19 regulations)



At the end of the Qualification Phase, only 28 finalists will be left. Twelve will be finalists from the qualifying duels and tournaments and the top 2 of each ranking. The finalists will also be joined by two wildcard players and two other eSports professionals.
The final will occur on 29.05.21 in the Jochen Schweizer Arena, as far as the COVID- 19 regulations allow.