Credit: RB Leipzig

It happened: Anders Vejrgang lost a Weekend League Match

For 17 weeks in a row Anders Vejrgang finished the Weekend League with 30 wins. The young gaming talent rushed from victory to victory, sometimes with great ease. 536 games in a row, no one could hold a candle to Anders.


But now it happened. Anders Vejrgang lost his first match in the FIFA 21 Weekend League at the weekend.


Nevertheless, the 15-year-old holds the record in the Weekend League. Before him, no gamer managed to get even close to 500 wins in a row.


And last weekend, Anders looked like he might add to his record. The talented player has already racked up 26 wins. But in match 27 damesheet from the Netherlands was waiting. Surprisingly clearly the Dutchman could defeat the RB Gamer. In the end it was 5 - 1 for damesheet.