Credit: rblz_anders @ Twitter

Invincible! Anders Vejrgang!

It's getting boring, Anders Vejrgang has set the next record. The 14-year-old youngster is undefeated in the FIFA Weekend League for 360 games. While in the real Bundesliga FC Bayern runs from victory to victory and at least from time to time does not win, rblz_anders seems to be invincible.

The FIFA Weeken League is the "Champions League" of eFootball gamers. It is the FIFA highest tournament on FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). From Friday to Monday morning a player can play up to 30 games. Vejrgang plays every possible game every weekend and wins every time. He doesn't play against rookies in the process. For example, he has already beaten world champion Mohammed Harkous, called MoAuba, in a friendly match.

Anders Vejrgang starts for Red Bull Leipzig and with his 14 years he is the youngest player in the competition.