Interview: Furkan 'Furkyplayz' Kayacik

Today we would like to introduce you to the content creator and eSports player Furkan 'Furkyplayz' Kayacik. The sympathetic 21-year-old from Kassel was unfortunately unable to realize his dream of a football career due to injuries. This allowed him to rise to become a successful FIFA YouTuber and a part of an eSports department of a professional club. 63,000 subscribers on YouTube alone and another 15,000 followers on Instagram speak for themselves.
We talk about hisWechsel, his goals, his everyday life and of course about the means to an end 'FIFA'.

The interview

You started streaming your Weekend League professionally on YouTube about two and a half years ago. How did this step come about?

I always wanted to be a professional soccer player. But when I was 15, I had to cut back on sports activities for the most part because I was diagnosed with a complicated groin injury. As a result, I kicked more and more on the virtual grass. When I graduated from high school, I didn't want to go the "standard way" with studies or apprenticeship. Then I came to streaming, mainly because of the motivation of my big brother. Yes, and then it went very well very quickly.

For about a year you have been part of the eSport team of Viktoria Köln. How did the first contact with Viktoria come about? How has your "eSports presence" changed since then?

The contact came about through the cooperation between ThatsFootball (since this season I am part of TF eSports) and Viktoria Köln. I am happy to be part of this traditional club. The first contact was very "warm". We kicked with the football pros on the virtual as well as on the real pitch and got along very well. However, not much has changed in my life as a result.


To what extent do you train? How many hours a day do you invest in training in front of the screen?

It varies. I would say on average you train 2-3 hours a day. Before important tournaments sometimes 5-6 hours. Training usually means playing games against other pros and then analyzing mistakes.

4. eSport requires a lot of concentration. Do you also train things away from the console to improve your FIFA game?

To be honest I don't have time for that. Because of the fact that I do a lot of Youtube content I don't have much time for other things. If I have time, I try to switch off with movies or series.

In Germany, there are many streamers / eSportsmen with great reach and great success on the national and international stage.
You also have a strong community with about 63,000 subscribers on YouTube and 15,000 followers on Instagram. What are your goals for the future in this regard? Are there any role models for you in the scene?

I never had any role models in my life. I've always wanted to stay myself and I'm doing pretty well with that. I don't like to set number-based goals. I'm currently happy with how things are going and have fun interacting with my community. However, my community sets a goal of breaking 100,000 subscriptions on YouTube.

Do you feel that the media attention that eSports is getting at the moment is enough?

No. I think there is still a lot of potential, especially in FIFA eSports.

A: We share the same opinion!


7) While your friends and family are training, studying, graduating or working a job, you are a professional eSports player. How did they react when you became an eSportsman?

Everyone finds it very exciting and interesting. I actually got only positive reactions. Especially the factor that you can make a profession out of a hobby is very nice. Of course, most people don't quite understand how everything works, but that's understandable.

8. every FIFA Game is a little bit different. Where do you see the strengths of FIFA 21 and where do you see potential for improvement for FIFA 22?

I think FIFA 21 is much stronger than its predecessor. I enjoy it, even if there is more and more negative mood. I wish that we see more offensive than defensive gameplay in FIFA 22. I find FIFA 21 very diversified especially in the offensive, but nevertheless it remains that the defensive is supported too much.

9. at the end can you give our readers a tip how they can improve their "FIFA" skills?

Basically you should stay tuned and take all the content you can find on Youtube etc.. Watch tutorials or gameplay from the pros. It's also important to analyze your own games and see what you're doing wrong. Often you can see certain error patterns that appear again and again.

Thanks for the interesting exchange!
We wish you much success for your upcoming challenges!