In many countries the pro-club mode is still strongly underrepresented.

Our series of interesting interviews continues. Today we can present to you the Pro Clubs team of Zawisza Bydgoszcz. We talked to the active player and media manager of the Polish 4th league team's eSports department. 


You are the Media Executive and active player of Zawisza Bydgoszcz eSports. Can you briefly introduce your team?



Zawisza Bydgoszcz eSports is an e-sport club from Poland, founded in December 2019. We operate as a section of the Zawisza Bydgoszcz sports club. We currently have competitive divisions in the most popular titles as FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer, but there are also our representants in sim racing.

In which leagues are you represented?


PLWK (Polish Pro Clubs – Super League) and European Premier.

How is the season going so far?


We are 11th in the table of Super League and 9th in European Premier. There is a tiny point gap between consecutive teams, so we aim to get a better position at the end of the season. Our previous results could also be better, of course. Sometimes a little bit of luck is needed.

Where do you see the strengths of your team?


We have a wide roster with experienced players who have been playing this mode for years. We have a great atmosphere, our goalkeeper is one of the strongest points of the team, also our counter-attacks can be deadly. In many countries, the Pro Clubs mode is still strongly underrepresented.

You are from Poland. How do you see the situation around the Pro Clubs mode in your country?



We have a quite big community around the Pro Clubs mode. In this year, the three major leagues have come together, making our scene more transparent. However, the overall situation is not ideal as it needs to be continuously improved. Many FIFA players rely on the FUT mode. The Pro Clubs mode is not so well known yet.

How did you find out about the Pro Clubs mode?


The Pro Clubs players are a relatively closed group because this mode is not mentioned much on social media or YouTube/ channels. One of my friends with whom I worked persuaded me to try playing in his team. After a few years, I am still here.

What fascinates you about this mode?


It would be easier to say what is frustrating me. But let’s give it a try: teamwork with my mates, the great atmosphere between our players, and the leagues' competitive feature.

Do you have any ideas on how the Pro Clubs mode can get more recognition?


Game developer’s support for this mode, i.e. LAN tournaments -simple as that. For the first time, the Pro Clubs mode gets the chance to present itself on the stage of the biggest sports fair in the world. You have decided to participate in the tournament.



We thank you and your team for your outstanding performance at the FIFA Pro Clubs EU Masters 21! See you soon, Adrian!