How good is FIFA 21?

FIFA 21 has been on the market for a good month now. After FIFA 20 has disappointed many, gamers have put a lot of hope in the new FIFA game. But what is true about EA's promises to improve in all areas? We summarize it for you.


A mode that is enjoying increasing popularity is the Pro Club mode. Mainly due to more and more professional tournaments, which the NGL raises, this mode becomes more and more in the gamers' focus. But how has the mode changed compared to FIFA 20?

The answer is disappointing for many gamers. Because not much has changed, the players can now create their tactics individually, but otherwise, there are no Pro Club mode changes. But the mode is especially noticeable for bugs. In the beginning, skill points were not credited. EA was able to fix this bug, but there are still many bugs, especially in the gameplay of the mode. EA focuses more and more on useful variants such as the Ultimate Team mode to further develop the game.


There are some new features in the career mode of FIFA 21, and further development can be seen in the simulation of the games. Gamers can now follow their career games live in a 2D simulation. The managers can actively intervene in the game at any time. And not only in the form of instructions or substitutions. The gamers can switch at any time and continue playing the game themselves.

A further development lies, especially in the improved youth work. The club's academy players can now be accompanied much more actively on their way into professional football.

After the career mode has hardly developed at all over the years, it is more reminiscent of the more conservative football manager simulations this year.

Volta Football

After EA promoted the return of street football in FIFA 20, it is only a marginal part of FIFA 21. The mode did not enjoy great popularity last year and was therefore hardly developed further in FIFA 21.


Despite some mistakes and often occurring problems in the game, FIFA 21 is a rock-solid game with which we can have a lot of fun. Whether online or offline, we are looking forward to many more exciting hours with FIFA 21.