Credit: S5 Elite Bomber via Facebook

Here's how 2021 goes for the S5 Elite Bombers

The year 2021 is just over seven weeks old. In that time, a lot has happened with the S5 Elite Bombers. Time to draw a first interim conclusion.


For the club, 2021 began with the 13th and 14th matchday of the Pro League. And that inconveniently. Against RELATIVEeSports, it set on the 13th matchday a heavy 0 - 5 defeat. Also, 14th matchday should not run better. Against Fireball eSport, the S5 Elite Bombers had to take a 1 - 4 defeat despite a half-time lead.


Better should be the start for the S5 Elite Bombers in 2021 in the VPG Germany. On the first double matchday, 2021 could be brought in equal to 6 points. A 1 - 0 win against Streetz United VCF and a 2 - 1 win against ROYAL Efootball Fifa Pro Club ensured a successful start into the VPG year 2021.


The successful start to the VPG seemingly secured the confidence of the S5 Elite Bombers. Just in time for the S5 Elite Bombers' birthday, the gamers hit top form. On January 13, 2021, the club celebrated its sixth anniversary. On January 10, the day of the second matchday of the Pro League in 2021, the S5 Elite Bombers could celebrate three victories at once. noBra!n Gaming, That's Football Pro Club and LOY4L UN1T3D CF - Fifa Pro Club. All of them could not do anything against the S5 Elite Bombers on the evening of January 10th. One day later, FC Bollwerk also had to admit defeat against the in-form S5 Elite Bombers with 3 - 0.


But the S5 Elite Bombers couldn't keep the top form from the middle of January. The rest of January saw many varied close games, with narrow defeats like against Equality 05 or narrow victories like against FC ISHGN. February is not yet going as planned for the S5 Elite Bombers. The club's gamers could achieve only a draw against FC Galaxy Steinfurt 2013 e.V. - eSports II. The negative highlight in February was the 0 - 7 against Ghetto Boyz CF.