Credit: EA Sports

HEADLINERS-CHALLENGE with Bundesliga star Cunha

You play in FUT mode with a Bundesliga team? Or your team is full of Brazilians? Then we have something for you! The new Headliner Challange! The Brazilian Matheus Cunha from Hertha BSC Berlin comes for little effort in a special version in your team. In return, the player promises excellent values!

Even though his club Hertha BSC is currently not living up to the full expectations in the league. Matheus Cunha has shown that he is one of the stars of the team. As a reward, EA Sports has now given him a Headliners card.

If you don't want to spend coins on expensive cards, you can earn a very good card with the new card of Cunha with a little time.

To earn the new map, you will have to complete a relatively simple challenge. You will have to compete in online friendly matches. You can only participate in the challenge if your team contains at least seven different leagues.

But what exactly do you have to do to complete the challenge?

Five challenges to pass

  • Win a match and score a goal from outside the penalty area
  • Win two matches and score a goal and an assist with a Brazilian player of your choice.
  • Win three games and record one assist each from a through pass. Your player must have a weak foot with 4 stars.
  • Win four games in the Headliner Challenge.
  • Score a goal in 10 games with the Bundesliga player of your choice.