Goalkeeper Anna Klink joined in the Leverkusen-VBL-Squad

In a few days, the Virtual Bundesliga Club Championship (VBL) will begin. Before the season starts, Bayer 04 Leverkusen has added two new players to their VBL-Squad.

Anna Klink and Marc Landwehr are going to help the tea success in VBL.

Anna Klink is not a new player, she had played since 2009 as a Goalkeeper in the Women-Team of Bayer 04 Leverkusen. "I started to play FIFA when I was 18. I like it at most of playing it with a colleague after training," said Anna

The second new player, Marc Landwehr, is a local young boy that could tie local residence and be recommended from many FIFA competitions. This season, he will learn from the starting players, 'deto' and 'Dubzje' and prepare the future to strengthen the squad.

Women Power in VBL

It is so helpful for the women-Booming in the esport to bring Anna Klinik up to the VBL squad. Last season individual women players were registered to international teams. Fabienne Morlok signed up with FOKUS CLAN in September, and a few weeks later, RB Leipzig had Lena Güldenpfennig on the VBL Squad, who play for their team in Women-Bundesliga like Anna Kendrik.