Credit: Borussia E-Sports

Global Series season looking for Europe's best FIFA Player

Last weekend the qualification for the Global Series season started. The aim of the tournament is nothing less than to select the best FIFA Gamer in Europe. While 3 German gamers could successfully master the first hurdle of the tournament, EA Sports has to accept criticism again.No less than three German gamers could finish the weekend top positions.


Eleftherias 'Lefti' Ilias, and Koray 'Koray' Kücükgünar could win all their 9 games. The rules allowed the players one defeat at the weekend. So Niklas 'NRaseck7' Raseck was able to gain a good position on the weekend despite a loss by the Lower Bracket. Lefit and Koray are allowed to play the Upper Bracket's final against each other because of their white waistcoat. In the final round on 12 and 13 December, they will compete against each other in the Xbox Final. Entering the final round will secure them 800 ranking points and 7,000 US dollars prize money each.


In addition to NRaseck7, Nicolas "NisiFIFA" Muntwyler (Switzerland), Daniel 'Abeldos' Abeldyaev (Russia) and Spencer 'Gorilla' Ealing (England) are also represented in the Lower Bracket. Particular attention should be paid to the English Gamer Gorilla. The Gamer has already won the world championship. In the qualifying tournament at the weekend, however, he had to concede defeat early on and thus take the diversion Lower Bracket.

Mkers with successful weekend

The Italian team Mkers was incredibly successful this weekend. Two of the Italian gamers were able to qualify for the final tournament, even if only via the Lower Bracket. Oliver 'OliBoli7' Uttgren and veteran Daniele 'Prinsipe' Paolucci finished the tournament with only one defeat. In the next round, Cosimo 'COSIMOGUARNIERI' Guarnieri and Adrian 'Adriman' Caribano are waiting for the Italians on PS4

Many stars are not happy with the tournament mode

Not everyone likes the new format of the tournament. Instead of a Swiss system with a subsequent knockout round, the tournament was played with a tournament tree. Players with a defeat slid into the lower bracket. After the second defeat, the tournament was over for the gamers.


The German FIFA Star MegaBit criticised EA clearly for the chosen mode. In the Swiss mode, constant performances are much better rewarded than in the selected mode. Other stars of the scene shared this opinion. The gamers also criticised long waiting times and bad connections.