Credit: RB Leipzig

Gamers from RB Leipzig are in impressive shape

The gamers of RB Leipzig are currently in perfect shape. They dominate the South-East season seemingly at will. After the sensational 9:0 against their closest competitor, FC Heidenheim, the legitimate question arises: Who can stop the team?


It's still very early in the VBL season. Far too early to name RB Leipzig as the sure winner of the South-East Relay of the VBL. Nevertheless, after eight matchdays, it is hardly imaginable that a team can stand up to them. Despite strong opponents on the last double match day, the gamers from Leipzig were the first team this season to complete a perfect match day. All possible 18 points, which a team can collect on a double match day, remained in Leipzig.


Against the surprise team of the 1. FC Heidenheim, the gamers of RB Leipzig, convinced all along the line. With 3-0, 1-0, and 3-1, RB successfully kept the closest chaser from Heidenheim at a distance. Especially the strength in the doubles was a unique strength of the RB Gamers. 3-1 Richard 'RBLZ_Gaucho' Hormes and Umut 'RBLZ_Umut' Gültekin won against the undefeated Dou from Heidenheim. The Heidenheim gamers Deniel 'Denii_10' Mutic and Serhat 'Serhatinho01' Öztürk were 5x victorious before the duel against Leipzig and got a draw.



Huge advantage over the rest of the league

After eight days of play, the Red Bulls are already 15 points ahead of the second-placed team from Heidenheim. Twenty-five points are the third-placed from Fürth already away from the 58 points of Leipzig. Even if both pursuers have played a game less, the gap of RB is already enormous.


After the start of the season against the Würzburger Kickers with a 3:3 was not very successful, the RB gamers are unstoppable. From 18 single matches, they could win 16. It is eagerly awaited whether the series will continue on the next matchday. Because then the next close pursuer is waiting for the RB Gamers with the players from Fürth. Here RB has another opportunity to keep a chaser at a distance.


And RB's Gaming Academy has already provided for new blood. The young Dane Anders 'Anders' Vejrgang continues to turn the FUT Champions world upside down. Currently, he has 210 wins and no defeats yet.