FOKUS CLANs and 9 other team jerseys are new to the FUT Mode in FIFA 21

Teams and organisations are becoming more and more important in eSports. EA Sports has also noticed this and has not only included the jerseys of clubs in the game, but also some jerseys of eSport organisations.


Whoever registers for FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) between 10 and 15 December will get an early Christmas present this year. 10 special jerseys are waiting for the FUT gamers. The special thing about the jerseys is that they are normally worn by the people in front of the screen. Just in time for Christmas EA equips the virtual kickers with the jerseys of the stars of the eSport scene. With this, the developers of the FIFA game want to support the eSports organisations. A goal that has met with extremely positive feedback from gamers so far.


From 10 December, gamers will be able to put their virtual football star from the FUT team into the jerseys of 10 new teams. In this way, fans of the German eSports organisation SK Gaming will be able to have their FUT team dressed in the jerseys of their favourite team in the future. The jerseys of the team of world champion Mohammed "MoAuba" Harkous and Fabienne 'Fabienne' Morlok, the FOKUS CLAN will also be imported into the game. The teams FaZe Clan, DUX Gaming, NEO, Ninjas in Pyjamas, QLASH, Tundra Esports, Dire Wolves and Falcons complete the list of teams FUT gamers can look forward to in FIFA 21.

Jerseys of 9 teams were already available

The added kits are by far not the first one's EA Sports imports into FIFA game. Already in October, 9 kits of gaming organisations were added. The jerseys of FUTWIZ, Team Vitality, Hashtag United, Ellevens Esports, Complexity, R10, SPQR, Team Gullit and NSE are already integrated into the FUT mode since then.


With the new update, 19 eSport organisations are now represented with their jerseys in the FIFA game. But this is by no means the end of the story, as a look at the list of teams not yet represented shows. There you can find well-know names of the esport scene. For example, the team of Fnatic or the newly founded eSports team of Manchester City star Sergio Aguero KRÜ Esports.