FIFA21 : What's the new on PS5 or XSX

Sony and Microsoft just released PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X (XSX), which all gamers have been looking forward to so long. But only a few games are played on the Next Gen consoles yet. FIFA21 has to be played on PS4, Xbox One, PC

Who already has PS5 or XSX will be available soon to join in FIFA21. EA Sports announced FIFA21 for the next-gen of consoles will be revealed on 4. Dec.

Before the release, let´s see the next level, FIFA 21, as well as an exclusive early look at how we’re using the incredible new DualSense wireless controller that has been expected so much.

Here are the headline features of what to expect when FIFA 21 hits next-gen:

1 . Updated Matchday Atmosphere

On PS5 and XSX, you can feel better the matchday atmosphere from the team buses through into the locker rooms until players get into the pitch.

It looks set to build up the atmosphere ahead of significant knockout ties or derby encounters during each match. Once the game kicks off, the action takes over and has never looked more realistic due to brand new lighting systems in place. Extra details can be seen from the grass's texture to the sunlight cannoning off the metal structures shadowing the pitch.

2. New Camera Angle

To showcase the more realistic action, EA has introduced a new camera angle called GameCam. Heavily influenced by real-life broadcasts, it aims to show off the new and improved atmospheres created in the stadiums and help you build better passages of play and spot danger quickly due to its wide-angle nature.


3. Updated Player Visuals

The next generation of consoles makes the game graphics even much better than ex-generation. When the camera is tight in on a player, though, you’ll be able to see just how much more detailed their models. The detail is the watchword and sweat drips from brows, individual stitches on shirts can be seen, and leg muscles flex and contract when making contact with the ball.

Newly implemented hair strand technology also allows for hairstyles to flop and flow as players dart around the pitch. It’s just a shame this wasn’t created in time for Diego Forlan’s golden locks to shine.



4. Improved Player Personality

Small and big moments both help players appear less like robots and more like actual human beings. Whether that be from subtle wipes of the nose or the rolling up of a captain’s armband, it all adds to a more realistic experience. No longer will players stand gormlessly waiting for the ball when waiting for a pass but point to where they want it or scream out for it to come their way.

These animations develop as the game goes on as well, with players becoming more tired and their off the ball actions reflecting that, such as a weary adjustment of a shin pad. There are also big moments, though, such as a last-minute equaliser or a title-winning goal. These trigger the stadium into life as the crowd goes wild, players bundle on top of one another, and the bench empties onto the pitch. Let’s hope you don’t let one in 30 seconds later after all of that celebration.



5. DualSense Features

The new thing that we are most looking forward to using is the DualSense wireless controller.  With the new controller, you’ll feel the ball clatter off the woodwork in your hands or the full force of a crunching slide tackle, thanks to its haptic feedback technology. The adaptive triggers also get a bit of attention as well, for example, it will be harder to pull down on the right trigger when trying to sprint with a fatigued player towards the end of a match.




6. Free Upgrade from PS4 or Xbox One to PS5 or XSX

Returning players from PS4 and Xbox One will not only receive a free upgrade to the new version but will be able to carry over their Ultimate Team and Volta progress across, but not Career Mode. There’s no cross-play between generations, though, meaning if you regularly play either FUT Co-op or Pro Clubs with friends, then you’ll all need to be on the system, which could mean keeping that last-gen version installed to hop back to if not everyone was able to get a new console at launch.


Souce - Simon Cardy in ´IGN´