FIFA21 Glitch? or Skill? unsavable shot discovered

YouTuber NepentheZ recently posted a twit with a video, which he initially discovered on Reddit, emphasising just how overpowered the chip shot is in FIFA 21. 

In the video, the player flicks the ball in the air with the analogue stick and then chips the ball over the goalkeeper while the ball is off the ground. 

It appears that this glitch works almost every time, and, currently, it seems like not many gamers are even aware of it, let alone EA Sports themselves. 

Although this may appear as somewhat of a novelty once you've realised how to master the trick, this is ultimately something that needs to be solved by EA Sports. Especially for Weekend League and professional gamers, this may be something that will kill the competitiveness. 

The Official Trello Board, where glitches and issues are usually raised, has no mention of this particular glitch, suggesting it won't be solved ahead of this weekend. 

This isn't the first time that a performance-related glitch has been discovered in FIFA 21, as a speed boost came to light just weeks after the game's release. Another YouTuber MattHDGamer was the man to find this game-changing glitch. 

The YouTuber revealed that if you held L1, for PlayStation, or LB, for Xbox, and dribble with the left joystick, then suddenly let go of the initial button; you would see an extreme change in acceleration. 

So, with this shooting glitch having surfaced in FIFA, it seems like we're going to have some strange results on Saturday and Sunday.