Credit: EA Sport

FIFA Update again

EA Sports has already released the fifth FIFA update. Teampressing and Autoblock should be improved. Recently many players complained about these features.

But the Twitter community is still not satisfied with the improvement of the autoblock. Probably there will be a sixth update as well. At the moment, the strong blocks of the CPU players make defending too easy.

The Team Pressing was reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds. 

In Ultimate Team mode, the player biography of Juan Román Riquelme has been corrected. Riquelme played 51 times for the Argentine national team as well as for FC Barcelona and Boca Juniors. He is now vice president and sports director of the legendary Boca Juniors. Graphic errors were also corrected.

In the Pro Club mode, new cheer forms can now be executed. Very important: individual tactics can now be saved.

The Ping connection - the internet connection of the opponent, is now shown in more detail. 

- 0 to 30 milliseconds - 5 green bars
- 31 to 59 milliseconds - 4 green bars
- 60 to 99 milliseconds - 3 orange bars
- 100 to 124 milliseconds - 2 orange bars
- 125 or more milliseconds - 1 red bar