FIFA: The twelfth Title- Update is online

Today, Wednesday the 10.03, EA Sports released the new update for FIFA 21, the twelfth Title- Update. It should fix the bugs in the career mode, Ultimate Team and in the mode VOLTA.

Currently the twelfth FIFA Title- Update has been released for the PC and will be available for the consoles in the course of the week. Compared to the previous patches the latest one is much smaller.
The new update fixes some bugs like the players on the FUT- transfer market were shown wrong in the compare function. This price comparison also led to stability problems for some users. This should now have been patched.

With the latest changes, the following bug is fixed in FUT mode: In co-op games, the club name of the captain was displayed incorrectly on the stadium banner of his teammate.
In the career mode it happened that the simulation of a training did not have the right effect on the fitness of the players. In the 'Skill Tree' in the VOLTA mode a bug caused connection errors. In addition to the fixed bugs, there are new features for the shoes and jerseys.