Credit: EA Sports

FIFA 21 Title- Update 8 nerfs Team-Pressing and Skill-Move

Mid of January and already the first FIFA 21 patch of the new year is downloadable. Many have probably waited for it, some less. The strong over-steppers and the brutal team-pressing will be generated in the latest FIFA update.

FIFA 21 Title- Update 8 is available. While the update will probably be available for the consoles next week, you can download it already now on the PC. The new patch mainly affects the much too powerful D-Pad tactical team pressing.

Title- Update 8 summarized

Let's start with the not so noticeable new features. From now on it is possible to play your own ball in the Division Rivals or the Weekend League, which you have activated in the settings. Previously, the ball was displayed by the opponent. That's a lot of fun, isn't it?


There are also changes in the co-op mode of the Squad Battles games. From now on, game interrupts can be selected by each player. In general, the limit on maximum pauses has been lifted.


You can read about all the other changes from Title Update 8 here:

Gameplay changes

In contrast to the changes mentioned above, the following ones should be much more interesting and certainly please some of you. In every game mode, whether it's Weekend League or Division Rivals, the Übersteiger, probably the best skill move at the moment, will be significantly reduced.


It will be interesting to see how eSports players, such as FIFA talent Anders Verjgang, will cope with the degraded skill move in the future. So skill moves, as far as they are done consecutively, become less effective. Also the speed boost has been weakened.


The team pressing, which can be executed via the control pad (D-Pad), will not be as strong as before. The active time of the pressing has been lowered from 20 to 15 seconds. Also, the tactic will no longer be automatically selected when the defending team captures the ball and then loses it.


As you can see there are a lot of new changes by the FIFA 21 Title 8- Update which will change the current gameplay in the future without any doubt. All PC players can download the update now, while it will be available for the consoles probably from next week. There will probably be the next big event with the Team of the Year.