FIFA 21 : FUT Events Calendar

Events are the salt in the soup of FIFA Ultimate Team. EA Sports releases new unique cards for your squad and makes sure that new content is continuously added to the game. In the following, we show you an expected plan about events, which could be upcoming in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

December 2020

Icon Swap II: As EA announced, there will be a total of three icon swaps in FUT 20. The first one (see above) ended just before Christmas. The second one started on December 26.

January 2021

Team of the Year: EA will award the best players of the year with killer TOTY cards, which will be the ultimate in FUT until the TOTS event (see below). The TOTY event is also celebrated for several days with SBCs and event-related tasks.

Headliners: The FUT Headliners are dynamic and get better as the corresponding player earns an Inform (TOTW, MOTM, Hero, Record Breaker and Team of the Tournament). Players will always be one better than their best Inform in their overall ranking. The event started in FIFA 20 in January, so there's a good chance that will be the case this year as well.

Future Stars: As part of the Future Stars event, which debuted in FUT 19, EA releases blatantly upgraded unique cards on young talent. The values are meant to reflect the potential of the players. In other words, at some point, these talents could become this good in real life.

February 2021

Winter Refresh: Although this isn't an event in the traditional sense, the Rating Refresh is something to look forward to. The best players will be upgraded and receive new standard cards. The stars in special moves and weak foot will also be adjusted. Particular cardholders of upgraded players will immensely benefit, as the special cards will be upgraded. We fully expect the Winter Refresh to come to FUT 21 in February as well.

Shapeshifters: Something new EA Sports came up with was the Shapeshifters event, which somewhat surprisingly came around the corner in February 2020. These were special cards that focused on position changes and significant boosts.

March 2021

FUT Player Days: This event made its debut in FIFA 19. The first edition featured a best-of team of all previous inform cards. The team implied powerful TOTW cards and Man-of-the-Match cards, Hero cards, "Champions League", or "Europa League" cards. In FIFA 20, everything was different! There was a "CONMEBOL Libertadores Team". So we can be curious what EA Sports will come up with for FUT 21.

FUT Birthday: The FUT Birthday event is a real classic by now. The special cards that appear as part of this event are incredibly different from the players' standard cards. In FUT 19, there were blatant position changes; in FUT 20, the skill and weak-foot values were screwed.

April 2021

TOTKS: Like the TOTGS (see December), a "Team of the Knockout Stage" is released at the end of the knockout phase of international competitions. Here, the Champions League and Europa League's best players receive a special card that is available in packs for one week. Again, there are always SBCs and event-related weekly tasks. In FIFA 20, the TOTKS event was cancelled due to the Corona crisis, and the European Cup matches being postponed as a result.

May 2021

Team of the Season: The most blatant FUT cards come in this event. The TOTS cards end up being some of the ultimate and are extremely popular against a FUT season and can be found in many teams. Usually, EA rings in the TOTS event at the end of the season and thus in May. So it was, for example, with FIFA 19. With FIFA 20, EA had to improvise because the leagues couldn't be played in May as planned because of the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore there was the so-called "Team of the Season So Far" event in FIFA 20.

June 2021

FUTTIES: With the FUTTIES event, EA Sports let the FUT season end for years. In this event, numerous special cards from the current FUT part come in packs once again, plus SBCs are re-released, and there are rewards. In FUT 20, however, FUTTIES was replaced by the "Summer Heat". This was an event around the resumption of play in the top European leagues, which had been dormant for months due to the Corona pandemic. For FUT 21, EA Sports might return to the FUTTIES event.

Pre-Season: In the Pre-Season, which appeared for the first time in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, you could already prepare for the new FIFA part and earn packs. So you may be able to complete tasks in FUT 21 that you'll benefit from in FUT 22.