FIFA 21: EA SPORTS announces eChampions League

In FIFA 19, the eChampions League debuted; in FIFA 20, the competition took place on a small scale due to the Coronavirus. In FIFA 21, the tournament is going to be something special. Once again, all rounds will probably take place online. A more optimistic outlook is hardly possible due to the Europe-wide infection around Corona19. There will also be a restriction of participants' field: In contrast to the first edition of the tournament, only FIFA players from Europe are allowed to compete - anything else would not be allowed by the online connections. Besides, the eChampions League will only be played on the PlayStation 4.With the new format, EA SPORTS says it wants to "take the best of the UEFA Champions League and adapt it to the virtual pitch". What exactly lies behind those words, however, is not made apparent in the announcement. There is no clear link between the tournament structures and the division by name into qualifiers, knockout stages and finals.


eCL starts with the Online Qualifiers on days 1, 13,14 February. The Knockout Stage takes place on 1-2 May, concluding with the Final on 28 May.

What is the format of the eChampions League?

The top 64 European players from each of the FGS 19 and FGS 20 leaderboards, plus the top 32 players from the FGS21 European regional leaderboard on January 27, 2021, will be invited to the eCL Online Qualifier Stage II.

What is the prize for the eChampions League?

The winner of the event will receive the lion's share of the $280,000 prize pool.