FIFA 21 : 8 FUT Players under 10,000 coins

In FIFA 21, the transfer market is much lower in many areas than you are used to from old FIFA parts. Most of the expensive players are cheaper than expected.

There are even outstanding players on the market for less than 10,000 coins. Here you will find a selection of players who can strengthen your team and are downright strong for their price. Apart from their stats, these players are also good SBC food and can be used in the freeze event, 

Let's check the list.

Wissam Ben Yedder

Ben Yedder didn't become a meme in the FUT community for nothing. The Monarch striker hits how he wants and is a real weapon offensively. It is now available for 6,500 coins.

Leroy Sané

Who would have thought Leroy Sané would drop in price so quickly? The Bayern Star is available on the market for 10,000 coins. He had started a crazy price drop with over 100,000 coins. With him, you get a lightning-fast outside player in the Bundesliga.

Lautaro Martinez

The Inter Milan striker has good scores on all-important offensive stats. With him, you can be sure that you will get one or the other hit—the Argentinian costs just over 5,000 coins.


David Alaba

Does your central defence need reinforcements? Grab David Alaba from FC Bayern Munich! It is equipped with a decent pace and has good defensive and passing values. The price is currently around 6,600 coins.


Ousmann Dembele

Another outside player who fulfils all the requirements you need: Dembélé is incredibly fast and a great trickster. There is also a “weak” foot with five stars. The Barca winger could be the perfect weapon for your squad, and that for just 6,000 coins.

Douglas Costa

Do you want an even more tricky alternative? Douglas Costa also costs just over 5,000 coins. The Brazilian is a 5-star skiller, extremely fast, and his degree is better than his stats suggest. A real bargain.


Nelson Semedo

Semedo is a speedy full-back who, as a Portuguese player in the Premier League, also has useful links. It is extremely popular with many players, and its price should play a role here: It costs around 6,000 coins at the moment.

Christian Eriksen

A tens with a good pass, shot and dribble values, which also has a total value of 85, costs a lot of money? Not in the Italian first division! Here you can get Eriksen for around 9,500 coins. Perfect for your Serie A team.


This is just a selection of exciting bargains below the 10,000 coin mark. Even above this limit, some players are much better than that price suggests.