Felix from FC ISHGN: Finally the Pro Clubs mode gets the attention it deserves

Hello Felix,

You are LM as well as IV at FC ISHGN. Can you briefly introduce your team?

Hi, my name is Felix and I'm on the VM team of FC ISHGN. FC Isernhagen eSports was founded in 2012 and still exists today. Our squad is currently well equipped for the future with 20 men.We are of course all thrilled that our beloved Pro Clubs mode finally seems to be getting the attention it deserves. Many thanks at this point to the organizers of the tournament.


In which leagues are you currently represented?

We currently compete in two German Pro Clubs leagues: VPG Germany in the 2nd league and Pro League Germany in the 1st league for the third year.
In the last two seasons we could also qualify for the Champions League and thus represent the German Pro Clubs on the international stage.


How satisfied are you with the current season?

Unfortunately we had a very bad start into the first FIFA 21 season. We had to accept some bitter defeats in both leagues, but we have recovered in the last weeks and are currently playing an impressive football. We are climbing up the table of both leagues and we are confident that we will qualify for Europe.


What are the strengths of your team?

For years, our solid defence has been a big pillar of our team. A back line that stands securely and plays a calm game is of enormous importance in football. Our offense is also finding its way more and more into our desired playing philosophy, so that we are currently playing convincing ball.

However, I think the biggest strength of FCI ISHGN is the core of the team. Most of the players of our current squad have been playing together in this constellation for years.
The cohesion and the atmosphere is always outstanding, on and off the pitch.


In many countries the Pro Clubs mode is still strongly underrepresented. You come from Germany. How do you see the situation around the Pro Clubs mode in your country?


The Pro Clubs mode exists since FIFA 09. I personally am a player from the first hour and could follow the development of the mode over the years. Since the beginning of the Pro Clubs era it was mostly the German clubs that dominated the scene. The fascination with Pro Clubs has been around in Germany for a long time and over the years more and more leagues have emerged that offer clubs a platform to compete against each other under competitive conditions.

The development is currently going in an even more positive direction. You see more and more teams playing under the name of a real football club.
The Pro Clubs mode is booming in Germany and we are all just waiting for EA Sports and the rest of the world to finally realize that the 11vs11 mode has the potential to exist in professional eSports.


Many FIFA players rely on the FUT mode. The Pro Clubs mode is not so well known yet. How did you find out about the Pro Clubs mode?


As already mentioned above we play the mode for a long time. When the mode was introduced in FIFA 09 we just tried it and after a few games we were hooked. Football in 11vs11 like in real life. I can't think of a better mode that brings real life football to the virtual pitch.


I don't want to say too much about FUT. The gameplay and META get worse and more boring year after year. But since the mode is monetized, EA will continue to put the main focus on its money printing machine.

A perfect example of this is my esteemed VM colleague Manu (aka Völler). He had a really good team in FUT mode, but due to the boring META and poor gameplay (not to mention the servers) he quit after just two months and focused solely on Pro Clubs mode, which he enjoys much more.


What fascinates you about this mode?


The Pro Clubs mode mirrors real football almost 1 to 1. There are 22 players competing against each other and you don't have to rely on AI players, but can work out and rehearse your own tactics and playing styles with your teammates. We have a coaching team that manages and organizes the club, just like in a real football club.

In Pro Clubs there are no limits. You don't have to force yourself into a specific META to be successful. We play football exactly the way we want to play it and are still successful with it.


Do you have any ideas how the Pro Clubs mode can get more recognition?


The German Pro Clubs community has been trying to bring their beloved mode to the big stage for years. However, this is very difficult without big sponsors or support from EA.


Our honorary admins and operators of the German leagues are doing a world class job and have already laid the foundation. In my eyes, we either need a rethink from EA itself regarding the support of Pro Clubs or we find enough influential sponsors or people with influence in the business of eSports.


Now the Pro Clubs mode gets the chance to present itself on the stage of the biggest sports show in the world. You have decided to take part in the tournament. Why are you taking part in the FIFA Pro Clubs EU Masters 2021?


When we heard about the tournament last week, it was immediately clear to us that we wanted to take part. We get the chance to present our beloved Pro Clubs mode to a big audience during ISPO 2021.

We want to show everyone out there how awesome the mode can be when the best clubs in the world play against each other. 90 virtual minutes of Pro Clubs is pure action and football. There is no breather for the viewer and if the game is also commented live by a caster then for me there is almost no difference to a real football game.


Finally, can you tell us your goal for the tournament?


This question is easy to answer. We want to make it to the semi-finals at least, so we can show everyone out there on Tuesday what we can do and how awesome this mode is.


This is the FC ISHGN: