Credit: Twitter @ FabienneXIII

Eligella Cup: Fabienne Morlok plays at FIFA 21 tournament

The memes rolled over with the final whistle: For FOKUS Clan, Fabienne 'Fabienne' Morlok was initially Thanos with a gigantic hand. On the hand were the heads that the gamer left behind on the way to the cup's final.

Elias Nerlich, esporter and streamer from Hertha BSC, organised his tournament with the Eligella Cup in the last few weeks. The weekly prize money is 2,000 euros.

And the list of participants was prominent because this issue was aimed at content creators.

On the way to the final, Fabienne beat Top players like NoHandGaming, Wakez and Sidney Eweka, who are well-known names in the gaming scene for several years. In the group stage, the rising star also beat Erne from FeelFIFA.

Streamer Pain waited for her in the quarter-finals, sweating a lot and, in the end, lost 3-2 on both sides. In the final, there was another showdown with Erne. However, she was unimpressed by the 5-1 defeat in the first leg and came in 5-6 overall in the second leg.

It shouldn't be a victory in the end.

But Fabienne has played rough to gain the respect of the community. The defence was superior; it hardly moved in the stream and looked ice-cold - regardless of whether it was an opening goal or a goal against.

Second place was awarded 500 euros, the winner Erne took 1,500 euros. When asked, Fabienne explained to that she hadn't prepared well: "I just played one or two Rivals games before that." She has been playing FIFA herself for almost three and a half years.


Regarding the tournament, she said: "I think I couldn't realise it. I thought that I would be kicked out in the group stage because I did not expect to win the group stage against Erne. I had nothing to do lose and have already exceeded my expectations, which is why I think it worked out so well in the end. "

In the end, it worked so well that the gamer got the respect of the scene because the FIFA stream on Elias Nerlich's main channel saw over 54,000 viewers at the top.

It will certainly not be the last time we hear from Fabienne in FIFA.