Credit: Hertha BSC Berlin

Elias Nerlich - more than one million followers

Elias Nerlich, e-sportsman & content creator for Hertha BSC E-Sport, has cracked the 1.Million Follower mark on his social media channels. Nerlich is the first player from the eSport team of the "Big City Club" whose jersey can be bought in its fan shop. The jersey is printed with his nickname "Eligella" and the number 97, but he plays under the name "Mern22" at FIFA.

"Sometimes, people go extra to the places where I am. They ask for photos. In social networks, they want to know all the time: Where is Eli? We want to see Eli," says Eligella about his fame.

Nerlich could also play soccer as a real sportsman. In the Brandenburg League, he played 22 games for RSV Waltersdorf in 1909. After a fractured fibula and torn cruciate ligament, he had to end his career.
In the Virtual Bundesliga, Hertha BSC Berlin is currently in 6th place in the table. At the moment, Mern22 is not only eSportler but mainly Content Creator.