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EarlyGame Awards Upcoming streamer of the year

Man or woman. Fat or thin. Physically limited or top fit. All criteria in real sports are a significant factor in whether a person can be accepted into a team, but not in eSports. Here, gender or physical limitations have no meaning on sporting success! Everyone can be an equal part of the community!


The EarlyGame Awards now show that everyone is treated equally by the community as "Upcoming streamer of the year"! EarlyGame is one of the most popular gaming news sites and awards once a year the up-and-coming streamer of the year. This year the first place was won by Niklas Luginslands. Niklas is in a wheelchair due to a brittle bone disease. Fabienne Morlok closely followed him from the FOKUS Clan in second place! The young woman from near Stuttgart has been a part of one of Germany's most prominent eSports clans since 2020. Fabienne's teammate is, among others, the multiple FIFA World Cup winner MoAuba.



Early Game Award shows: In eSports, everyone is equal


Early Game sets a strong sign for diversity in eSports with the winners of the popular young talent award! A woman as a goalkeeper in the men's Bundesliga? Unimaginable! In eSports, this is everyday life. Very good to observe at the FIFA Pro Clubs EU Masters 2021! At SC Edermünde, Vivi, a woman goalkeeper, made the opposing strikers despair.


So the success of Fabienne is also a sign that eSport knows no gender. She regularly shows at big eSport tournaments that she can keep up with the eSport elite of Germany. Her success is also evident on Twitch. The young woman already has almost 60,000 followers on the streaming platform. As a reward, she has now won second place at the Early Game Awards as "Upcoming streamer of the year".



Niklas Luginslands: A full part of the eSports scene despite his wheelchair


Even physically challenged people barely stand a chance in real-world sports! A striker in a wheelchair? Impossible in real football. Not so in eSports! The best example is Niklas Luginslands! Being an active part of a sports team in real sports is not possible with brittle bone disease!


In eSports, however, no problem. Here he can be a full part of the scene. Despite the wheelchair! Niklas plays FIFA for the eSport team of national goalkeeper Bernd Leno. Besides, he regularly streams his virtual goal hunt on Twitch! Whether he is sitting in a wheelchair or not doesn't matter.


Niklas is hugely successful and popular with the Twitch community. He is now honoured with the EarlyGame Awards as "Upcoming streamer of the year". The young gamer from the Black Forest currently has 30,000 followers on the Twitch platform. By winning the popular award, the young gamer can now probably expect a substantial increase. He can count on prominent support! For example, from the professional of the VfB Stuttgart, Atakan Karazor. From Niklas' time at VfB, the two have a close friendship.


This is Niklas: