Credit: EA Sports

EA responds to #EAGate accusations

For the producer of the FIFA game, the FUT mode is a real goldmine. Every year EA earns several million EUR with it. But have employees now also enriched themselves in a lucrative business?


Different gamers have expressed the suspicion under the hashtag #EAGate that EA employees sell valuable FUT cards. And the whole thing at a proud price. The employees are said to have demanded several thousand EUR for the cards. Now EA has publicly responded to the allegations and published a statement on Twitter. The possible sale of the cards by employees could bring an unfair balance in the competition.


But whether the cards publicly sold by EA or through the backroom of employees of the company, the FUT mode is increasingly often in the criticism. So there are always accusations in the room that the FUT mode is tantamount to gambling. For example, in Belgium, FUT cards are no longer sold since the beginning of 2019, as the game mechanics of the Lootboxen were banned by the government.