Credit: EA Sport

EA makes useless FUT card valuable by mistake

Julian Brandt's UCL card owners should have been happy this week when looking at their FUT lineup. Instead of just upgrading the BVB star's RTTF card, EA also upgraded Brandt's UCL card.


Champions League cards are pretty worthless in FUT mode, since they are only needed for certain SBC. The cards don't add any gameplay value, as Jürgen Klinsmann would probably say. Only the unique blue Champions League colour makes them special.


The card of Julian Brandt is different. The young international player's card got by mistake from EA an upgrade from an OVR of 84 to an OVR 88. In retrospect, a real bargain for the owners of the card. Because they bought a few weeks ago a card for a good 14,000 coins, which now has the same values as the 160,000 coins expensive RTTF card of Brandt.


It's worth seeing an increase in value, especially because EA promised not to reverse this. The owners of the UCL card of Julian Brandt can be happy about a real gift from EA.