Credit: EA Sport

EA Gate scandal: New reaction from EA

Last week the EA Gate scandal shook the FIFA world. EA Sport employees are accused of illegally selling tickets for the popular FUT mode. Now EA Sport has spoken out.


In the new Pitch Notes the publisher of the FIFA Game takes a position to the accusations for the first time. But in its statement EA is keeping a low profile and still chooses the subjunctive.


"It appears that one or more EA accounts that were either compromised or used inappropriately by someone within EA directly entitled items to individual accounts."


With these words, EA begins its statement surrounding the allegations against its employees. Further the publisher of the FIFA Game clarifies, that it conducts internal investigations, which are not finished yet. Additionally EA notes that the irregular activities are unacceptable, should they prove to be true.


Therefore the incident will be followed by consequences as soon as the investigations are finished. Finally EA announces that the illegally transferred cards will be removed from the FIFA Game and that the affected gamers will be banned.