Credit: EA Sports

Does the 7th FIFA 21 title update finally make referees and crosses better?

There is one thing that has always worked in FIFA 21 so far. A right cross into the penalty area followed by a volley shot. A safe goal. Until now. EA Sports wants to work on making the effect of this combination less successful. Also, the referees should become more realistic after the new title update.


On 8 December, EA Sports released the 7th title update of FIFA 21. The full focus is on the gameplay. Especially the crosses shall get less useful. According to the developers, players with a cross value of 75 or less are much too strong in this area. This should change now. This is to be achieved by reducing the speed of the ball. Besides, volley shots should be less precise in their approach to the goal.


Further adjustments will also be made to the referees. The referees should now distribute yellow cards more realistically. Furthermore, in the case of a foul of a player who is the last man, it should become more realistic to decide whether a red card is appropriate or not.


Gamers can also look forward to new skill moves. After the previous update, the stepovers were reworked, it is now the turn of the shooting deception. By slowing down the speed during the skill, defenders should now have a higher chance to reach the ball.


The new patch also fixes smaller bugs in FUT, VOLTA Football or the career mode. PC gamers can already access the changes. For Xbox and PlayStation, a release is expected in the coming days.