David Beckham FUT Card Free for all

Every FIFA 21 player across all platforms just got Beckham for nothing. The only caveat is that the offer expires on 15 January 2021, so be sure to log in at least once over Christmas if you wish you claim the former England legend.

Grabbing your complimentary Beckham is easy. Head into the FUT Main Menu, then go into Store. You should find a unique red-and-black pack tile titled ‘David Beckham’. Click on it, and you get a pack opening graphic and Beckham appearing with a walkout motion. 

Becks’ card is 86 rated overall, with a tonne of 80+ attributes. He boasts 94 free-kick accuracy, 92 vision, 91 crossing, and a sensational 97 curve. The card’s worst rating is 65 slide tackle. This is a big chance for someone who needs a right-winger. The Manchester United winger could play on central but not recommended in FIFA 21.

According to EA, the card celebrates Beckham’s debut at Real Madrid in 2003/04, which means it’s locked to England and La Liga for chemistry purposes. Only two other players in the entire game tick identical boxes: Kieran Tripper of Atletico Madrid and Valencia youngster Yunus Munch. Little wonder Trippier’s 85-rated TOTW card value has risen to 29,000 coins owing to Becks’ release, and if you find a Musah in your club, you’re looking at 3,000 easy coins too.

Beckham also has three Icon cards rated 87, 89 and 92. These remove the chemistry restriction, but at some cost – the lowest of the three is currently sitting just under the 1,000,000 coins barrier.