Confirmed in court: There is no momentum in FIFA

Every fan of the FIFA series knows it. During gameplay certain game mechanics suddenly intervene and possibly decide a game, also known as momentum. Now there was a court case regarding this.

For several years, one of the topics in the community, it stimulates great discussions or supposedly leads gamers to despair in front of the console. The talk is of the gaming mystery Momentum. Fans blame EA Sports for the fact that unknown techniques are decisive for online games.

The attention on this theory led due to developer EA releasing a patent for a technology called "Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment" (DDA). Subsequently in November 2020, there was a lawsuit filed by three gamers against gaming giant EA. Officially, the accusation is "unlawful adjustment of the level of difficulty

EA refutes theory in court

In court, EA now resolved the accusation and was subsequently acquitted. As part of the trial, the gaming titan had to disclose the technology behind DAS.
According to an official EA statement, game mechanics that affect gameplay in the online modes of the games NHL, FIFA as well as Madden have never existed.

"Even though EA owns a patent for a DDA technology, it has never been used in FIFA, Madden or NHL and will never be used in the future. We would never use DDA to give players an advantage or disadvantage in online multiplayer modes, regardless of the game, and we certainly have never done so in FIFA, Madden or NHL. EA and the FIFA, Madden and NHL teams remain committed to fair play" ( official statement).

Virtues, such as fair play and sportsmanship, thus play a big role to play at EA as well.
After the game developer could decide this lawsuit for itself, the next lawsuits are already in front of the door. In France, for example, there will also be a court date regarding the Momentum mystery in the near future.
In Germany, it is currently being debated whether the above-mentioned games contain "gambling-like mechanisms" and will therefore be classified as harmful to minors in the future.