Big Controversy : Raiola puts pressure on EA

FIFPro and EA Sports have released statements addressing Zlatan Ibrahimovic's recent claims over the usage of his likeness in FIFA 21. The experienced footballer called out both FIFPro and EA Sports on Twitter, claiming 'other parties' have been making money from his name and face. The AC Milan forward stated that EA did not seek his permission, and because he wasn’t a member of FIFPro, he wasn’t covered by their license.

Agent Raiola continues discussion about player's rights

Raiola replied shortly after Ibrahimovic's first tweet and saying:" I hope we get replies to our letters now ". More tweets followed. Among other things, he accuses EA Sports of evading him in terms of player rights for years. He also said that neither FIFPro nor AC Milan have individual player's rights


Raiola continued the discussion in an interview with the British Telegraph. In the interview, he indicated that 300 other players besides Bale and Ibrahimovic would investigate the issue.

EA: This is not about us but FIFpro

EA Sports made a statement via “Forbes” in which they responded to Raiola's attack: “The license discussion that is being played out on social media is not an issue for EA or EA Sports. This is a matter between FIFPro, the players within their federation and their representatives. FIFPro has told us that this is their problem, and they are taking care of it - we expect an explanation to that effect shortly, ”said an EA spokesman.

EA Sports obtains a large part of the rights from FIFPro to represent players and their characteristics. EA Sports also spoke about Mino Raiola in the statement. It's not about EA Sports or video games, but a fight between football agents and FIFPro.

Raiola: They are talking to a party that does not have the rights

The diskussion ist not over. Raiola continued his claims, briefly,

1. Neither FIFA nor FIFpro have the rights to give the player's rights to EA. Portrait rights belong to each player like David Beckham, who closed the deal with EA recently.

2. Like Beckham's case, EA has to make deals with each player

3. EA lied that they had bought the right of Zlatan, while we said for years that these rights could not be purchased from these parties.


FIFpro wants to talk with players.

FIFPro, which ultimately acts as an intermediary regarding the rights between players and EA Sports, also reported on the issue and

  • acquires image rights via player unions in nearly 60 countries. These rights are made available to Electronic Arts and other clients in the video gaming industry.
  • FIFPRO’s relationship with the video gaming companies complements separate arrangements they directly agree with clubs, leagues, governing bodies and individual players
  • FIFPRO member unions decide how best to use the revenue generated, either by distributing funds directly among players or providing services in kinds such as legal advice, second-career planning and mental and physical assistance.

How does this end?

Overall, there are three parties in this situation: The players and Raiola, EA Sports and the FIFPro. Here it must be clarified what the legal case looks like

The licensing issue is an essential issue for EA Sports, after all, the real names, clubs, and environments are one of the series’s greatest strengths.