Credit: Eintracht Frankfurt via Twitter

Because of COVID 19: All 2 vs 2 games in the VBL moved to 2021

On 22 and 23 December, the Virtual Bundesliga Club Championship's sixth double matchday was supposed to be played.

However, the VBL clubs had raised concerns with the DFL that the two vs two matches could pose a health risk to gamers. As the clubs' players sit close to each other in front of the console during the doubles match, they can hardly protect themselves from any possible infection. Concerning the constantly increasing COVID 19 infections in Germany, the clubs do not want to expose their FIFA professionals to an increased risk of disease. The DFL complied with this wish and announced on Friday that all two vs two matches would be cancelled for the time being.

Individual matches are played

The 2vs2 matches, which can't take place now, will be played on the next double matchday of the VBL. After the winter break, the VBL will start the seventh double matchday on 12. and 13. January 2021. Due to this postponement, the 11th and 12th matchday final results cannot be determined until 2021. The single matches of the two matchdays, on the other hand, will be played usually. Here, the gamers do not necessarily have to have close contact with another person. The 11th matchday will be played, as usual, starting at 18:00. However, the games of the 12th matchday will be shifted forward by half an hour. Instead of 20.00 o'clock, the virtual whistle will sound at 19.30.