Credit: EA Sports

Bebou as Mbappe's replacement

It's about the dynamic RTTF card of Hoffenheim striker Ihlas Bebou. This came into the game with an overall rating of 80. But now, the card has been upgraded to 83 for Hoffenheim's progress in the Europa League. If you now look at the individual values of the new 83 card, then you see an absolute top striker with stats on the Mbappé level. The remarkable thing: Bebou only costs a fraction and can also become even more vital - provided TSG Hoffenheim reach the next round in the current Europa League competition.

So strong is the Bebou card

The Bebou card is an absolute top option in the forward for Bundesliga teams in FUT 21. He has everything a top striker needs in FIFA 21: He is fast as an arrow, has strong shooting stats, and has excellent dribbling stats. If you then apply a "Finisher Chemistry Style", shooting and dribbling are boosted even more, resulting in an ultra-fast, agile striker with powerful finishing. Besides, 4-star skill moves are possible with Bebou. The card has one drawback, however. Bebou only has three stars on the weak foot, which means he shoots significantly worse with his left. However, if you consider this and shoot with the right foot, this value doesn't matter too much anymore.

Currently (as of December 17, 2020), you'll have to shell out around 150,000 coins for Bebou's RTTF card (PS4). While that's not dirt cheap, the price is okay for this top value and other potential upgrades. When you compare the price to Mbappé, his gold card currently costs 1,135,000 coins and offers 4-stars on the weak foot and 5-star skill moves.

Unfortunately, the RTTF card is no longer available in packs. If you are looking for a top striker for your Bundesliga squad, then Bebou is the right choice for you. With his terrific stats, you're guaranteed plenty of goals. And if you're lucky and Hoffenheim dominate the Europa League, not only will the value of the card go up, but more importantly, so will the rating.


Source - Julian Schröder @ MEINMMO