Credit: RBLZ Gaming

Anders Vejrgang faces one of the best German FIFA Gamers MegaBit

Who is going to stop Anders Vejrgang? The 14-year-old gamer from Denmark turns the Weekend League upside-down week after week. 330 games. 330 wins. That is the impressive record of the young gamer from RB Leipzig.


Despite his huge run, voices keep coming up that Anders only owes his success to his dream FUT team. While it is true that an average gamer can hardly keep up with the young gamer's team, Anders regularly shows that he can hold his own against other players with similarly good FUT teams.

Anders can also do it against the stars

MoAuba's FUT team, for example, is just as star-studded as Anders'. And yet, none other than the former world champion recently suffered a more than apparent defeat. Kai "Deto" Wollin, a 3-time German champion, also had to accept defeat against the young talent despite a remarkable FUT team.


So the legitimate question arises. Who should beat Anders Vejrgang in FIFA 21? Could it be MegaBit from Werder Bremen? If anyone can do it, for sure, it's him. MegaBit is considered one of the best German FIFA gamers. He is the star of the Virtual Bundesliga. The gamer from Werder Bremen has already won the tournament three times. His FUT team is full of superstars.

Anders also convinces against MegaBit

But also, in the match against the superstar of the VBL, Anders shows no nerves. Already after 11 minutes, he gets a penalty. With an excellent combination, he brings the ball into the penalty area of MegaBit. The gamer of Werder Bremen sees no other choice and slides into the legs of Anders striker. The virtual referee rightly points to the spot. After only 11 minutes, the 14-year-old gamer has the chance to score the opening goal. He aims for the lower right corner. But MegaBit decides with his goalkeeper Allison for the same corner and saves the penalty kick.


Anders is not irritated by the missed chance for long. In the 31. the minute it happens! The gamer of RB Leipzig is successful for the first time! Anders takes advantage of a bad pass in the build-up play of his opponent. Via a few stations, he brings the virtual ball into his opponent's penalty area as fast as lightning. His striker Ronaldo skilfully gets around Alisson and successfully scores the 1-0.

Stable defence as the basis for success

Defensively, the FIFA talent from Denmark shows enormous stability in the game against MegaBit. The German superstar can hardly set offensive accents. Only a harmless shot shortly before the end of the first half was allowed by the Dane.


So MegaBit has to wait until the 75th minute until he gets his first big chance to score. An excellent ball relay puts his striker in an ideal shooting position. But Petr Čech in Anders goal reacts brilliantly and saves in the highest emergency.

Two counters decide the game

As a result, the series winners of the VBL pushed more and more for the equaliser. But Anders Team is still defensively very stable and lurks with its enormously fast strikers on the counterattack. It should be exactly the right tactic! While MegaBit despairs the defence of the RB Gamers, Anders counters very effectively. After winning the ball in midfield in the 84th minute of the game, he sends his arrow-quick striker Kylian Mbappé. With the superstar of PSG, Anders shows himself ice-cold in front of the goal and sends the virtual leather with a decadent shot into the goal's corner.


Was the goal just before the end of the final point of the game?


No! Because MegaBit continued to push for his first goal of the game. But a quick loss of the ball after the kick-off gave Anders the chance to make it 3-0. He showed no nerves and played the ball to his striker Cristiano Ronaldo, who was waiting in front of the empty goal and quickly hit the ball with full force into the virtual goal.



The star of the German FIFA scene could keep up with the top talent of RB Leipzig for a long time, but in the end, he also loses clearly. Anders Vejrgang continues his triumphal procession in FIFA 21. For RB Leipzig, the signing of the 14-year-old Dane is a stroke of luck. After his 16th birthday, Anders is allowed to play for the team in the VBL. It can be expected with tension whether Anders Vejrgang can also become a real danger for MegaBit and Werder Bremen in the Virtual Bundesliga!